The research kitchen

A bit of history might help here.

When I first taught this course in 2011 I was somewhat concerned at the the "skill set" of some of the students with whom I was working. I was worried that they were not very well equipped with tips, tricks, techniques, ways of working at a postgraduate level. So I put together this small wiki to provide support that could be easily accessed no matter where they were in the Masters program or, even if they left.

A few folk in Education noticed what I had done and suggested that "this" would be "great" for "all" postgrad students. I was unconvinced but agreed to give it a try and so the research kitchen was born. You'll notice similar ideas and structure to this site. So what I have done is modify this site and link to material in the kitchen.

I hope it is not too confusing. Links to the kitchen will open in a new tab so you won't lose your place in here.

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