1st assignment

From the course profile on L@G here are the specifications:

Due 9th Sept. 2000 words. 40% of course assessment. Criteria and marking.

This item asks students to identify an educational issue of interest to them and then explore this issue through recent1 research literature.
The task requires that you develop an assignment that includes:
1. A statement of the educational issue, referring to recent research literature. This statement should define key terms and ideas and summarise your understandings of the research issue (250 words);
2. An annotated bibliography of 10 recently published (2001-2011)2, research based studies that could take the form of journal articles or book chapters that are directly relevant to your educational issue. (The 10 references here are not counted as part of the word count for this assessment item) (1750 words);
3. A mind map that provides and overview of the key concerns  of current research work on the educational issue on the basis of the annotated bibliography;
4. A reference list detailing all references used in the paper (Not included as part of the word count).

The weightings for each component are as follows:
1. 15%
2. 60% (engagement with literature 40; coherence of annotated bibliography 10; presentation 10)
3. Mind map 15%
Reference list 10%

Common questions about the first assignment

I've been receiving emails from folk about aspects of the assignment. All of them, I think help open up what it means to do this kind of work. I will paraphrase the questions and anonymise the source. I think they are all useful ways to think about the challenge of dealing with published research and drawing out a set of references around your issue/topic. The Q/A page is here.

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