Assignment 1, criteria and marking

I have divided each section into three parts: the text1 from the course profile, what it means2 and the weighting it will be given. The notes for each element of the criteria are on separate pages.

The word lengths given are indicative! I am not going to be counting. Of course if you write a fifty word introduction and some of your annotations are of similar size then there is clearly something amiss.

1. Definition of a coherent and well defined educational issue. 

Did the paper include a concise statement of the educational issue to be explored? This issue is evident in the search strategy and reflected in the choice of research included in the annotated bibliography and the mind map? Were key terms and ideas defined?

Notes and weighting

Criteria 2, 3 and 4 refer to the annotated bibliography as a whole, i.e. all of it.

2. Critical Engagement with the literature

Did the paper provide evidence of a clear and well defined search strategy to explore the topic identified? Were the key concerns of current literature in this field identified? Did the paper provide evidence of wide and critical reading of the research literature and make use of relevant research literature in the annotations to provide a summary, critical comment and identify relevance for current research on this topic?

Notes and weighting

3. Structured and coherent argument

Did the paper present a reasoned, well-paced and structured argument? Were the different parts of the argument clearly linked and meaningful conclusions drawn?

Notes and weighting

4. Presentation of the text

Was the text logically organised and written in an academic style that used an appropriate language, style and format? Was the approach to annotated bibliography provided in the course materials used? Was a list of bibliographic references provided? Were these set out consistently in an appropriate academic style? (use of APA 6th style is required)

Notes and weighting

I have added, for clarification, the things you need to attend to for the mind map and the reference list.

5. Mind map

Is there a map? Does it offer an overview of the key components of the issue? Do the links in the map make sense? Is the map consistent with the references chosen for the annotated bibliography.

6. Reference list.

This is a list of all the references used in the annotated bibliography. You may refer to other references in your introduction and in the annotations you write. They all have to be referenced using APA 6th referencing style.

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