Hi everyone, I’m a bit late on the introductions, as I waited a few days to see what everyone was writing and get some inspiration from it…

So my name’s Célia, and in case you didn’t pick up my accent last time, I’m French, and I’m 22. I was born in Montpellier, in the south of France, but I grew up in New Caledonia (no I won’t get mad if you don’t know where it is), in the bush, where I spent most of my time hunting, fishing, building tree houses and swimming in rivers. - Needless to say I don’t “qualify” as a stereotypical froggy. To make things worse, I don’t smoke, I don’t like coffee and I hardly ever drink. - My family moved to the (only) city when I was 11 and I finished high school in 2005. I started a Bachelor of English at the (only) university in my country, that I didn’t really like, so I then moved to Australia in 2007.

I’ve been here (on the Gold Coast) for nearly 5 years now. After improving my English for a little while at BUELI (Bond University English Language Institute), I completed a Bachelor in Spanish and Applied Linguistics at Bond University, and am now enrolled in the Master of Education at Griffith University. This is my second and last semester. Next year, I’ll start a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (secondary) in LOTE (Languages Other Than English) and Social Sciences and am planning on probably getting a PhD at some point.

I am really interested in languages. I learned Japanese for 5 years when I was at school and I’m now learning Portuguese (and going to Brazil in January). I also would like to try Italian and Greek (one day). I’m really into cooking, meditation, and interior design as well. I love reading and jazz music. I’ve never taught before, and I guess I just keep studying because I am a little bit scared to start working. Hopefully this Master will continue to bring me more knowledge and perhaps confidence.

I am looking forward to more discussions with all of you.


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