Chris' public learning: week 1

Got a bit caught with the recent (not late) enrolments. The face-to-face component for the mixed mode folk is always good in that you can read faces and body language during classes. For folk who are working off-campus all you can go on is signals they send. Some students like to work in an almost ghost-like manner, i.e. you barely hear from them. Others are chatty and good at telling you what is not working, asking questions and heaven forbid, even challenging you1.

While it is true that I know how to do all of the "stuff" that is in this course, it is also the case that every student in the course brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, not just from whatever classrooms, formal or informal, they have been working in, but also from the myriad other experiences they have had.

Conscious of the overload that has hit a number of folk. Yes. A lot to get your heads around but we have plenty of time to do that. Main thing is to know that these ways of working are possible. The simple stuff is how to do it.

Will simply opening up possibles to folk help nudge them to at least explore some of these ways of working?

What is also interesting is that the Wiki keeps evolving as I interact with students. I do listen and it prompts shifts, changes in emphasis and so on for what is here. It would be good if they were confident enough to do some edits of their own but that is asking a bit much at this point.

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