Chris' public learning: week 3

I've been having exchanges with other folk at Griffith on their internal twitter-like site. It runs Yammer. The ongoing sense that living through a transition in which the new stuff keeps changing quickly makes for an awkward time for folk trying to come to grips with these shifts. The history of the development of moveable type tells us that the printing press took a long time for practices to grow up around it. The adoption time frames for some of these technologies is often measured in days and weeks!

Most of the folk work in schools. Schools have distinguished themselves as places that have successfully domesticated these technologies. If they could not domesticate them they were banned1. The problem, in my head at least is that a lot of educational research is still largely operating in the A4 mindset2, although there are a few exceptions.

What is interesting is that some of the research they will read will appear odd, in that it was carried out at a time when "the digital" was nowhere near as prominent as it now is.

And I continue to struggle with how best to support the folk who are from different language and cultural backgrounds. Western thinkers, research and logics pervade most of the published research that is easily to hand. It's as if research into education only occurs in the West which is clearly not so.

And, a rare moment during the f2f session. Trying to help some of the folk with EndNote. We did the library search, saved the file suitable for EndNote and do you think I could import it into EndNote on Windows3? No way. After several attempts to work out what was not working, it suddenly dawned on me that the file was a RIS file and I was trying to import it as an EndNote import. Yes the terms are confusing but it was good, for me, to feel like students must feel like when faced with this confusing piece of software and associated practices.

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