As a Griffith student you are able to use this software during your time at the University.

Obtaining the software
If you want to have a copy on your computer you need to follow these steps: First, connect to the Portal. Select Computing from the left hand menu. Then click on the Software link. Then click the Download Mirror link. There are a variety of versions. X6 is the latest version and is now available.

If you are looking for support or just an overview, there are plenty of clips on YouTube. Just search for EndNote.

The Library provides a very useful set of support materials for installing and using EndNote1. The library also offers Webinars on EndNote. A Webinar is a seminar held over the Web. You are able to interact with the presenter, ask questions and so on.

There is an excellent account of the new/additional features in EndNote X4 at UQ which includes the facility for importing reference information from a PDF if it has a DOI.

EndNote allows you to import the textual information for many of the references you locate. For instance you can connect to a library. Do a search of a title or author and import that data into your library. When you locate a journal article you can often export the citation data from the journal's website and then import it into EndNote. If you have a pdf of an article and it has a DOI you can import the PDF into EndNote. EndNote will populate the correct fields in the record of the reference and also record the location of the pdf file. You can also do a search of PDFs attached to your EndNote library for text.

EndNote is not the only way to manage citations. There is a good review of the current main options at the Cornell University library site.

I know some folk are averse to looking up manuals so I've set up a small Q&A page for EndNote. If you have a question, pop it on there and I'll see what I can do to answer it.

Alarna2 found a YouTube clip which she gave 10/10 for Mac users of EndNote.

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