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Name Issue
Chris Introducing postgraduate students to research in education.
Catherine The issue of creativity in education has been the topic of much debate and conjecture. At a time when National Curriculum and prescribed curriculum is high on the Australian education agenda, has creativity been lost or pushed to the side? Does creativity still have a place in this new curriculum and what will it look like in classrooms?
Christopher What impact does the use of computer-related technologies have on children with special educational needs?
Deborah Put your issue here
Gaone How are multiple and flexible ways of presenting learning opportunities beneficial to hearing impaired students?
Jacqui How do "Digital Immigrant" teachers understand and cater to our "Digital Native" students?
Luke Will a greater understanding of student perception of the student-teacher relationship allow science teachers to more effectively reflect on their teaching practice
Nicole How effective are school based and designed aspirant groups in developing leadership capacity within the school? Are aspirants who participate in these types of programs more successful in their leadership journey?
Pernilla How do we support Somali children in Western schools?
Peta 2 possible topics: Motivating unmotivated students: will rich tasks reengage unmotivated students <OR> Reflective practice as professional development for regional classroom teachers
Sarah The changing role of parents in the early education of children with disabilities
Xiaohua Does modern task based language teaching method can cater holistic language to the learners? should we abandon those 'outdated' methods?
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