Mind mapping software

As part of scoping out your issue, you are asked to make some use of Mind mapping software.

There is a large number of mind mapping software both online and that run on your computer that you can locate by doing a search. Wikipedia has a useful list. There are many options for using this kind of software. In terms of this course it is probably best if you just choose something that works well for you. Here are some that you may like to try (they are all open source (i.e. free) software).






Text 2 MindMap is a little more dynamic than some of the others.

Drop Mind1. You get a free 15 day trial.

While you may find some of these useful2, it will mean that to share a Map with another person, the other person will need to have the software that you are using. Some of the software does allow you to export your maps but you'd need to try that out before you put too much effort into building your map. A better solution for sharing is to use online mind mapping software. TheBrain is an interesting piece of software. The free version allows you to generate 'brains' or maps of your ideas. You can then upload these via WebBrain.

Online Mind Mapping software:


This is the software that was used a year or so back. You can sign on, i.e. set up an account (it is free) and it has a simple interface and it is easy to export your maps as images. The easiest way to learn how to use it is to have a play with it.

This interesting online app takes text and converts it into a Mind Map. Worth a play.

mindmeister allows sharing and linking between maps and other external links.

and I'll include Prezi in here as well even though it is better suited for presentation it has a collaboration facility that allows real time editing by a group of users.

| A useful review of the online software is worth a look.

Here is a YouTube clip which demonstrates the use of three pieces of mandmappingsoftware: CmapTools, VUE, and Mindmeister. Youtube has a good collection of screencasts that illustrate how to use various bits of mindmapping software. Simply do a search for mind or concept maps.

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