Mindmaps 2011bl

This is the page to put a link to your Mindmap for your issue. You will need to copy the URL for your Mindmap and paste it into the slot next to your name. I have put a dummy link alongside each name. All you need to do is replace the dummy text: mymindmap.com.au with your URL.

Remember, you can't do any damage. I can help you fix things if anything goes wrong! If the page is locked when you try to put in your information it simply means someone else is editing the page. You will have to be patient and wait a while before trying again.

IMPORTANT: You won't be able to edit this page unless you have signed in to this Wiki, i.e. using your username (i.e. your first name) and the password you set up when you first signed on. If you have any problems please let me know.

If you are using bubbl.us finding the link to your mind map can be a bit tricky. I've put a small screen cast in the 'other resources' folder on the L@G site for the course. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

You edit the line in which your name appears this way:
Replace the mymindmap.map.au with the URL and the words 'dummy link' with whatever text you want to put to indicate your mind Map. That is the text others will see when they look at this page.

Name Issue
Chris a small Mind Map in bubbl.us, a sample MindMeister map, and one in Mindomo
Adrienne dummy link
Amirali dummy link
Awad dummy link
Catherine Catherine's mind map
Christopher Chris' Mindmap
Deborah dummy link
Gaone Gaone's Mind Map
Heidi dummy link
Helen dummy link
Irena dummy link
Jacqui Jacqui's Mind Map
Jarrod dummy link
Jennifer dummy link
JingJing dummy link
Kuini dummy link
Liyan dummy link
Luke Luke's Mind Map
Meghan Meghan's Mind Map
Michelle dummy link
Nastaran dummy link
Nicole Nicole's Mind Map
Pernilla Pernilla's
Perry dummy link
Peta dummy link
Sandeep dummy link
Sarah Sarah's Mind Map.
Tammy dummy link
Waad dummy link
Xiaohua dummy link
Xintong dummy link
Ying dummy link
Zoe dummy link
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