This is the page to put a link to your Mindmap for your issue. You will need to copy the URL for your Mindmap and paste it into the slot next to your name. I have put a dummy link alongside each name. All you need to do is replace the dummy text: mymindmap.com.au with your URL.

Remember, you can't do any damage. I can help you fix things if anything goes wrong! If the page is locked when you try to put in your information it simply means someone else is editing the page. You will have to be patient and wait a while before trying again.

IMPORTANT: You won't be able to edit this page unless you have signed in to this Wiki, i.e. using your username (i.e. your first name) and the password you set up when you first signed on. If you have any problems please let me know.

If you are using bubbl.us finding the link to your mind map can be a bit tricky. If you select the sharing drop down menu (top left on menu bar), the second option is a read only link to sheet. Select that option and then copy the link that is generated. You can email that to me - the link or, if you are feeling happy about popping it in here, you can do just that.

You edit the line in which your name appears this way:
You need the URL for your mindmap before you can edit this page. The line will look like this:

 || Your name || [dummy_link put your mindmap text here]||

Replace the text 'dummy_link' with your URL, and replace the text 'put your mindmap text here' with the text you want to display with the link, i.e. my mindmap or whatever you choose. It should look something like this (all you need is a space between the URL and whatever text you want to be in the link):

 || Billy || [https://bubbl.us/?h=97da/ed05/38jlLzOj8bgAk Billy's mindmap]||

If you put a * in front of the URL like this:

 || Billy || [*https://bubbl.us/?h=97da/ed05/38jlLzOj8bgAk Billy's mindmap]||

The Wiki will open your link in a new window.

I have put links to three mindmaps to illustrate some of the possibilities. You only have to do one.

Name Mindmap
Kerry your mindmap
Chris a small Mind Map in bubbl.us, a sample MindMeister map, and one in Mindomo
Katrina Katrina's mindmap
Linda co-teaching what do I need to know?
Monica The issue of "Earlier is better" English Education Policy in Taiwan
Goldy your mindmap
Tricia The transmission of yoga
Radharani your mindmap
Miles Impact of Professional Standards for Teachers
Xiaoqian How international students build their social connectedness
Georgia your mindmap
Tony my mind map
Magi your mindmap
Bon your mindmap
Jay Jay's mindmaps: MM1; MM2; MM3.
Han your mindmap
Esse your mindmap
Alarna teachers, technology, transforming learning?
Vereana your mindmap
AmandaPZ high-stakes testing
AmandaR Does a diagnosis of dyslexia have a place in Australian schools?
Joanne Teaching & learning of mathematics
Brian teacher professional responsibilities
Kuini Anxiety and ESL
Yizhi The importance of preschool music education in China
Jacquelyn my mind map
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