Notes for criterion 3

3. Structured and coherent argument

Did the paper present a reasoned, well-paced and structured argument? Were the different parts of the argument clearly linked and meaningful conclusions drawn?


The paper refers to the annotated bibliography as a whole. Have you developed an understanding of the issue through the research you have looked at that allows you to provide the reader with a good sense of where each piece of research fits in your scheme of things? All of this relies upon how well you have read and understood the research papers you have chosen. So, you need to have in your head, or better, in your mind map, an overview, a big picture of the issue. It may be that there are three aspects of the issue that the research has focussed on. It may be that two of these offer conflicting findings. You need to be in a position where you can provide the reader with a clear sense of these characteristics of the research that informs your issue.


10 of the 60%, i.e. 10% of the total

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