Other Sources

This is in the category question: how long is a piece of string? You will no doubt be aware that there is a lot of "stuff" "out there", the "out there" referring largely to the Web. What I have listed here are some places where there are interesting collections of "stuff", some of which tends not to show up in Google or related searches.

Will locate the nearest library holding a book title but also it will look for anything it thinks is close to what you are after if you search for everything. Well worth a look.

Educational Freeware
Has a good collection of eight online directories of education journals that are online and open source, i.e. free.

This is the presentation software I use for the course. One of the conditions for free use of this software is that any Prezi one makes is freely available to anyone else. If you go to the site (you don't need to sign up (which is free) to use the resources) you can do a search and locate Prezis either by title or the description folk have attached to them. Once you find a Prezi you want to look at select the full screen option (in the More menu option at the bottom of the Prezi screen) and then press the arrow to step through the Prezi.

Similar to Prezi except that it stores Powerpoint slides. You can view any slide show without signing up but if you want to download a particular slide show then you will need an account. It is free.

Although a Google search will pull up documents on Scribd I mention it here because it does large a huge collection of documents. There is a catch though. To access this document repository you either have to donate a document (no bad thing) or pay to access other documents.

You need to set up a twitter account for yourself and while you can use a browser, using some client software (there are lots for both platforms) you can set up permanent searches for terms, people, things. I am using TweetDeck at the moment (runs on most platforms including mobiles. You have to compose messages in 140 characters or less. When folk post URLs they always shorten them. Twitter does this for you which is why the links will look a little odd if you've not seen shortened URLs before.

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