Hi everybody,

I'm Pernilla a 39 years old postgraduate student from Goteborg Sweden. I'm here to study Master of education and I'm really looking forward to start my studies and brush up my English. I have worked five years in school since I did my bachelor degree so now is the time for further studies. I have worked two years in a preschool with multi-disabilitied children and three years in multi-cultural school with six year olds. I love my job; I love working with children but I want to develop as an teacher and I'm dreaming about travelling and do some volunteer work. This semster I will study, exept for the compulsory classes, Teaching students with learning difficulties and Understanding young children.

I live at the monent at the Griffith Village so I'm close to the Uni.

I'm also here in Down Under because I fell in love with Australia five years ago when I was backpacking around the world and I decided that I really wanted to go back here one day. Now I'm here to study and celebrate my 40 th birthday in September so I want to combine my studies with some fun for sure!!

Cheers mates Pernilla

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