Planning 7806

Your to do list has two parts:

1: Identifying an educational issue: annotated bibliography
Due: 9th September.
Weight 40%
Size ~ 2,000 words.

2: Prepare a draft of an article for a professional journal
Due: 28th October.
Weight 60%
Size ~ 4,000 words.

The basic logic of these two tasks is that once you have settled on your educational issue, you prepare an annotated bibliography for it. The exercise will familiarise you with the main ideas, arguments, people, sites and so on associated with the issue. You will have the basis for the 2nd task: to prepare a draft of an article on the issue for a professional journal.

There are notes to support your work on each task.


Before you begin to think about the little things ask yourself the very simple question:

Why am I doing this course?

Write your answer in your notebook1. Then on a weekly basis answer the question again, in your own words and without looking at your previous answers, then write your answer in your notebook. You can keep them all together.

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