Professional Journals

There is a list of what ACER call 'core journals' indexed by ACER for the Australian Education Index. Many of these are research journals but there are also Professional Journals. There is also an overlapping list at Aussie Educator. World Newspapers also has a list of magazines and journals for educators.

There is a directory of Open Access (*OA*) journals that you may find useful. It is a mix of research and professional journals.

*GU* = available via the Griffith Library
*OA* = available wholly or partly online (OA=open access)

The list was put together some time ago. If a link fails, use your trusty search skills to track it down and let me know that the link needs a fix! Thanks.

One of the problems with Professional Journals in education is that they can suddenly disappear or change what they are doing/publishing. Some also operate as conduits for consulting firms keen to sell their materials.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive. Feel free to add to or edit this list or email any changes you want made.

Australian Educator. The Australian Educator is the quarterly journal of the Australian Education Union. *OA*
Australian Educational Computing is the journal of the Australian Council for Computers in Education. It publishes both professional and research papers. *OA*
Babel: Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations. *GU*
Australian Journal of Adult Learning, a publication of Adult Learning Australia. It is concerned with promoting critical thinking and research in the field of adult learning as well as the theory, research and practice of adult and community education. *GU*
Australian Online Journal of Arts Education, an internet-based, open-access scholarly journal that aims to promote the arts at all levels of education as well as to encourage research, discussion and debate regarding the role, development and implementation of arts programs in both formal and informal educational settings. It is no longer accepting articles but you could use it to model your article.
Curriculum Leadership aims to provide comprehensive coverage of issues concerning school education for leaders in Australia and New Zealand, while also aiming for a broad international perspective. Its audience includes senior staff in schools, officers in education authorities, teacher educators, professional association staff, consultants, journalists, and researchers. *OA*
Educating Young Children, a journal of the Early Childhood Teachers Association. *GU*
Education Quarterly Australia a forum and showcase for all that is valued by educators.
English Australia, a professional journal for TESOL teachers. *OA*
Educating Young Children, a journal of the Early Childhood teachers Association. *GU*
English in Australia, a journal of the Australian Association for the Teaching of English. *GU*
Every Child Magazine, a journal of Early Childhood Australia. *OA*
Geographical Education, journal of the Australian Geography Teachers Association. *GU*
Journal of Artistic and Creative Education. *OA*
JSD, a journal of the Learning Forward (a professional development) organisation in the US. *OA*
Leadership in focus is a quarterly professional development paper-based journal for Australasian school leaders working in schools from preparatory to year 12 level.
The Journal of Student Wellbeing. *OA*
Learning Matters, a publication of the Catholic Education Office (Melbourne). *OA*
Literacy learning: The Middle Years, a journal of the Australian Literacy Educator's Association. *GU*
Mathematics Education. This is a Wiki with a large collection of research and professional journals that publish maths ed and maths ed related material.
Practically Primary, a journal of the Australian Literacy Educator's Association. *GU*
Primary and Middle Years Educator, a journal of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association.
Professional Educator, a publication of the Australian College of Education. *GU*
Screen Education, a journal of the Australian Teachers of Media. *GU*
Studies in Learning, Evaluation, Innovation and Development is an electronic journal focused on the intersections and interstices among and between learning, evaluation, innovation and development. *OA*
The New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work is a free, national peer-reviewed journal containing articles of interest to Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary teachers. The journal aims to disseminate New Zealand research on and by teachers and also other articles on current issues which may be of interest to teachers. *OA*
Teaching Science, journal of the Australian Science Teachers Association. *GU*
TESOL in Context, the journal of the Australian Council of TESOL Associations. *GU*
the Knowledge Tree is an e-journal generated by members of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) system to enable the sharing of research and learning innovation in national and global e-learning practice. *OA*
The Social Educator, the journal of the Social Educators’ Association of Australia. (hard copy? at MtG library)
Unboxed: A journal of adult learning in schools, a broad education journal based on High Tech High in California. *OA*
VOCAL Journal, the Australian Journal of Vocational Education and Training in Schools. *GU*

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