Q/A for assignment 1

This is the first annotated bib I have ever done and I am quite frustrated with it (in a good way) as i feel i am tending to go in circles - the more i read on current research, the more/different way I am tending to approach my own ed issues.

It's a good and natural thing for your ideas to shift the more you read and think about your issue. The myth of research as something that is planned in a linear fashion and carried out that way should be one of the prime understandings from this course. This also applies to your writing, of any sort, including annotated bibliographies. What I'd suggest is to resist the urge to get into sentence writing and just dump all your ideas, summaries as you read them and step back a bit so you can "chunk" them into something that looks useful. Remember this is a process of selection. You will have looked at more than the ten you are asked to annotate. After you finish the bibliography you will no doubt want to edit it again. You can't. It's done. Move on.

even though the task asks for a statement of educational issue, I've ended up researching 'current research' in an attempt to define/refine my ideas…ok..??

That's how good researching the research works. If you knew all there was to know to begin with there would be no point to the task. Make good use of your notebooks to keep track of your thinking as it develops. The audit trail will be invaluable to your wiring.

having trouble putting link onto wiki. I have taken free 15 day registration for a web-based mind mapping software. When I put link onto wikki it requests log in details so sorry don't think others will be able to access it.

OK. It's all done now. But good to learn from using commercial or fremium software. Always likely to run up against this problem. Simplest solution is to send me the map as a PDF and I'll put it in a dropbox with a link to it.

Is it appropriate in an anno biblio to use opinion language. For example, if I think an article I read is a "comprehensive overview" or, as another example, is "exhaustive". Is this too subjective, or is my anno biblio meant to be somewhat subjective. Even, is it possible for it not to be?

My view is that you are in a position to make claims based on what you have read. You'd be a bit safer if someone had published that claim. Whether something is comprehensive - and you won't have the space to argue this through - is tricky. It may well be comprehensive coming from a particular stand point or set of theoretical assumptions. I doubt very much that anyone could write a review that was comprehensive in the broadest sense. So you might find qualifying the claim works better, i.e. from the literature I have read, the review appears to offer a comprehensive review of what appear to be the major issues and, if you have the space, list them. So, yes you can make an assessment based on what you have read as long as you qualify your claims carefully. You have to offer a brief argument about each piece, i.e. why you have included it in your annotated bibliography.

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