Quick scope 2

I know Wikipedia has been a source of angst for many teachers at all levels of formal schooling, so I try a search for: "teacher authority" wikipedia students. Over 6,500 hits. Hmmm. I skim the Google summaries looking for anything that looks useful. I note that there is not the usual Google scholar reminder you get when Google finds documents in Google scholar that also fit the search.

An entry on the 1st page caught my eye:

Aug 8, 2010 - G.25 Theorizing Wiki Use in the Composition Classroom … Kerry Dirk began the session with her presentation on “Teacher Authority and the Wiki,”

A brief review of conference presentations about Wiki use in classrooms. Not really touching teacher authority per se other than to suggest the role of the teacher changes.

Other words keep popping up though about autonomy and empowerment. I've seen so much of this before and much of it is enthusiastic hype.

I keep an eye on the weblinks. You can generally see if the page is located on a university site. Not that that is a useful indicator necessarily.

Then a link to what turns out to be a journal article (need to check if it is peer reviewed): Exploring students’ perceptions of integrating Wiki technology and peer feedback into English writing courses. It's at the university of Waikato. I may be an in-house journal?

Hmmm. Wikis keep turning up.

I decide to split my Google searches into a few parallel strands and see what turns up.

  1. "teacher authority" "social media"
  2. "teacher authority" "student empowerment"
  3. "teacher authority" "student perceptions"

The two searches that seemed to be most productive were those that included student empowerment and student perceptions. They have generated another cluster of terms I can now work with. I need to think about whether or not setting up a Google alert or two would be helpful over the next few weeks.

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