"teacher authority" "social media"

Looks to be a lot of opinions here (~3,800 hits).

There is a post about 'web traffic control'. Might be a handy lead into my paper. It is in the ban it category which has a long history in schooling.

There is another angle here about the privacy of teachers, i.e. access by students to tachers' private online activity. Hmmmm

There is also a good deal about discipline, i.e. student misbehaviour and the role of social media. Important but not where I want to go.

Ah. But here is a good find. Notes on Critical Teaching & Everyday Life by Ira Shor. Quoting from the book:

he defines the classroom “as a place where knowledge, perception, ideology, and socialization are challenged.."

This might be a way in. I know there is a large literature about developing critical capacities in most/all? of the fields of knowledge taught in schools. I don't want to revisit the silly digital literacy stuff but to find material that goes to the role of the teacher as an experienced player in the field. Not just a conduit, which is what the Internet does now.

I might have a look at Google scholar now to see what is there about the C word and these other terms I have been playing with.

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