Things to do next

By now you should have some text in at least your first note book. It would be a good idea to be thinking about possible issues from which you will choose your issue for this course. You can get a sense of some of the issues by looking at lists from 2011: the Gold Coast cohort and/or Mt Gravatt cohort.

If you have an idea for your issue, pop it onto the issues page of the Wiki. It might be that there are other students with similar interests and you can collaborate on the issue1

Whether you have an idea or not for your issue, why not try a bit of mind mapping2. This won't be the final mind map you submit but will be a good way to collect your ideas in one physical space and to which you can keep returning as you read more and think more about your issue.

The next thing to do, and some of you may already be using bibliographic software is to make a choice about what you are going to use. You will need a system, a way of storing bibliographic and other information about what you collect. There are no right answers here but you can obtain a copy of EndNote from GU. It is old software but generally works OK with commonly used word processors. You can also use it to do searches of the GU library and dump your findings straight into your EndNote library. No typing involved! Information about how to add the connection file for the GU library to EndNote is here.

Then, if you are bored, you can check out the research kitchen.

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