Week 5

This is a good time to take stock, to step back from what you have been collecting and reading and to ask yourself can I explain my issue in simple terms to a colleague?

Then to connect your issue to what we want you to do in this course, have a read of the page of notes on the professional journal article on the wiki. In particular read the blog post of Pat Thompson's, a link to which is at the bottom of the page. This is a different way to think about research papers. They are the way they are because they meet the requirements that Pat spells out.

Read the notes for the face to face session1. You can carry out effectively what is planned for that day either with another student or group of students. Easily organised via a Hangout on G+. You can also share problems, how to do's and tricky terms on the G+ site as well. Alternatively you can email me with some sense of where you are, or better, pop some notes on the Wiki and alert fellow students to them via the G+ site.

The best way to think about this activity is that it while your focus is on the bibliography that you need to keep an eye on the paper and you should be doing some mapping of the paper even now.

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