Notes for each week

These notes will appear as I get to them. They will be added to over time. I like to make connections. If you go to a link that is there (red not orange) the page may not be complete so keep an eye on the Wiki (via the Recent changes link).

Week 1 Introduction to the course, resources, schedule (July 22)

Week 2 What are the educational issues facing Australian1 schools? (July 29)

Week 3 How can educational research inform our knowledge and understanding of the educational issues identified in Week 1 and so influence educational policies and practices? (Aug 5)

Week 4 (Aug 12)

Week 5 The research investigation: progress, identifying and evaluating research articles (Workshop-Aug 24) (Aug 19)

Week 6 (Aug 26)

Week 7 (Sept 2)

Week 8 Annotated bibliography (Assessment): Assignment 1 Due (Sept 9)

Week 9 General feedback from the 1st assignment (Sept 16)

Week 10 Preparation for writing the draft paper for a professional journal (Sept 23)

Week 11 Reporting on the research investigation progress: feedback, identifying and evaluating professional articles. (Workshop-Oct 12) (Oct 7)

Week 12 Conclusion: How to Write a Professional Paper (for assessment) course review and final questions. (Oct 14)

Week 13 (Oct 21)

Week 14 Professional Paper (Assessment): Assignment 2 Due (Oct 28)

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