Welcome Post Grads

Welcome to the Wiki for Post Grad folk in various courses

This Wiki which was put in place for an introductory Masters course1 has a bunch of ideas and resources that may be useful to other postgraduate students. Welcome if you are one of those.

Think of this little piece of digital space as a something of a play space, a place to share ideas and information about yourselves and your area of interest.

This Wiki is open to the "world", i.e. anyone can read what is here. Only members of the Wiki can write/edit the Wiki. So, if you want to contribute to, add some information about yourself, you'll need an invitation2

The first thing to do is to do a little browsing. Then when you feel up to it, you can edit your own page. I've set up a page for each student where you can put some introductory information about yourself (called Introductions PostGrads). I've used your first name plus the first initial of your second name to identify your page3. If you go to the Introductions PostGrads page you should find your name and when you click on it you will be placed into edit mode where you can write something about yourself. But remember, don't put anything on your introduction page that you don't want the rest of the world to see. I have left off your second names to make it a little more anonymous but if you have a look at what I have written and what other students have written you will get an idea of what to put.

Once you have signed on to this wiki you will be able to edit pages. Don't worry. You can't do any damage. It is always possible to retrieve an earlier version of a wiki page.

This is still being put together so it will have quite a bit of stuff missing at the moment. I will try and keep things in places that are more or less logical and make use of menus and tags4

And…. you can always easily edit whatever it is you write. To find the link to your introduction page click on the Introductions link. It is in the menu on the left hand side of each page of this Wiki.

Digital habits is the term I have used to describe ways of working with digital media and resources during your postgraduate study. There is quite a bit to try out here and some decisions to make about how you want to work. As always I am happy to chat about any of this. To access some notes/suggestions about working digitally, the link is in the left hand menu.

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