What is an educational issue?

What is an issue depends upon who you ask. Managers and policy makers in government would identify issues that are not the same that parents or students may identify. What appears in published research are something of a mix, i.e. they reflect the interests of researchers who may be funded by government or may be working closely with a school or school system or even a handful of students in a class in a school or in an informal educational setting, like a home.

This is why you need to hasten slowly about deciding what issue you want to pursue in this course. You may have a couple of ideas for it. The best way to work towards your issue is to write about it. Yes. In those things called notebooks.

When thinking about an issue, I'd encourage you not to choose the bleedingly obvious. Remember, this is to be the basis of the draft of your professional paper. If you want your colleagues to pay attention to your work1 then repeating of reproducing ideas and arguments that are well known and understood will likely generate yawns rather than gasps and wows.

Things to think about once you begin mapping the little chunk of educational research are:

  • what are the key assumptions?
  • what if one or more of them were not as they have been assumed to be?
  • what is unthinkable in the way this issue has been written about?

In other words, giving your paper a little tweak so that it poses interesting questions from the issue you have chosen is a good way to make your work less easily ignored.

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