Hi my name is xiaohua (pronounced as showhwa).I was a school teacher, i had tought 10 years in fulltime previously.
since i have settled in Australia, i started to explore in other professional fields. However, there is no other job can satisfy me
more than teaching. I love and proud to be a teacher! At the moment i am taking two teaching jobs one is prep and the other one is teaching year9. it sounded unbelievable but it is the fact.
I realised that this days there are significant changes happening within the educational field: teaching methods, strategies,
resouces, some of the education theories etc have been changed. Teaching year 9 students realy challenging my teaching ability, some of the students are so intelligent, which sometimes makes me to doult myself whether i am good enough to teach them. It is so frustrating feeling of doulting youself. So it is the plain as plain reason of entering this program—to increase my professional knowledge and update teaching skills.

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